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  1. FS: For Sale Items
    Selling off more of my G20 goodies. Very nice 16" SE-R rims - I think they are the best looking OEM rim for the P10. I currently have them on my 97 Accord Coupe, which they look great on too. I used these for my summer rims and cleaned and polished them at every change. As such, they are...
  2. Maintenance
    The brakes on my 2002 G20 Sport are about ready to be changed... but times are hard and our family is looking to be prudent in our expenditures. Is brake replacement something I can do myself, or do I really need to take the car to a mechanic? I'm good with my hands and have a technical...
  3. Auction & Great Deal Listings
    Hey i have a set of 5 bbs rk wheels in 17 by 7. here is the link to ebay if you are interested in them please message me...
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  10. lakeview g20

    this is just a rough draft photo. more to come
1-10 of 10 Results