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  1. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Looking for: Front fenders both needed (little to no rust) Both side skirts from the sport model (don’t know if they’re the same for all models) And if someone’s willing to part with one a rear window spoiler. Been having a heck of a time finding one and I don’t want to make one. thanks in...
  2. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Hi guys, anybody from here have rear bumper from infiniti g20 00-02 for sale and is able to shipping it to Poland?
  3. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I've been told I need to replace the control arms on my car. I didn't know you couldn't replace the small parts and that I'd have to replace the whole assembly. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  4. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I'm looking to buy a fuel rail with 4 good/working injectors for my 93.5 highport P10. I'm tired of driving on less than four cylinders. Please let me know if you have one and how much you want for it shipped to 97306.
  5. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Looking to buy 2002, 8 spoke sport rim. Mine is bent and getting flat spot on tire. Please HELP!
  6. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    I'm wanting to do this mod: Anybody got a shift boot they're looking to sell?
  7. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Mine are going bad. Anybody got some that I can either pick up or have shipped to 29673? Thanks guys!
  8. WTB: Want To Buy Items
    Anybody got one? Preferably close by or willing to ship to 29673? Greatly appreciative if you do. Also, I don't need the fog lights.
1-8 of 9 Results