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'01 P11 intake hose & injectors?

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I'm looking to buy low mileage/good condition injectors for my P11. I'm also looking for an OEM intake hose that is in good shape and isn't cracked (like mine, that gets wrapped and re-wrapped with electrical tape every other week...).

I'm in Jackson MS (39157) for shipping.

Lemme know what you got and what you want for it!
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I might have everything. Do you need the maf, too? Also, do you need the fuel rail?
I don't know if I need the MAF too. My car runs and drives, but runs like shit. I'm gonna throw an ebay header on it in the place of catalyst deletes. I'm thinking my injectors may be failing?

I'm running excessively lean, and my plugs show it, along with the vehicle performance.

If you included the MAF, what kinda coin are we talking about?
Cancel that. Found the problem.... fuel pump died tonight at work, everything makes sense now, replacing it with a walboro 255 unit...
Ended up buying a MAF & TPS.

Still need intake hose.


Call me if you have one available, I don't get on her regularly enough - 601-667-7070
I can get you the intake hose and injectors if you still need them, LMK
I can get you the intake hose and injectors if you still need them, LMK
Sourced some newer red injectors from a newer model Sentra (the ones that look the same between the base and SE-R). Car runs pretty good with those injectors and regulator. But I've got a major vacuum leak from the intake hose, and probably somewhere else.

I PM'd Weaz, if nothing happens there, I'll PM you as well.

Got the intake hose from Weaz today. Just as he described. Good doing business with ya man!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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