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01 RR motor for sale

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01 RR complete motor except for the dipstick for some reason
87k on it I was told and judging from the condition of the head, I believe it
@ebinkerd picked it up with me, he was impressed with how clean it was
Story goes it was in a little old lady's car, she got rear ended and the guy I bought the motor from has bought the whole car with intentions of putting it in a b13. So I can safely say this motor has never been abused or neglected.

I would prefer to sell it whole minus the iacv sensor (need it for my ve)
600 OBO
But will part out, just make me a reasonable offer on what you want
Will post pics later tonight

Also have a 01 auto trans that is currently on the motor
200 OBO

EDIT: motor and trans from 01 sentra se. And due to my work schedule I can only ship on Thursday's and Saturday's. And Thursdays are only possible because of my girlfriend. So if you need it in a rush I will do my best to comply.
Thank you.
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Fuel rail with injectors shipped to 85143 .... or just the injectors.. and both O2's if u got em...
Bump. Cleanest fucking used motor I have ever seen.
Where in VA?
Bump. PM me with your email for pics.
if you were closer to PA or GA i would have gotten the bottom end but too far for it right now.
I have a truck I can venture if the price is right. Got family in MD I need to see anyway...
Motor sold. Mods please close. Thank you.
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