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02 P11 VET swap, ECU suggestions?

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Finished a X-Trail VET swap in an 02 P11. I've tried the Microsquirt and Speeduino COP with aftermarket sensors using an AEM 24-1 encoder wheel. It runs with those, but cant keep it running in both sequential and wasted spark.

I have a complete 99 P11 M/T harness and ECU, wondering if maybe a ECU re-flash and going back to a distributor might be a better/more reliable option.

Any suggestions here? Thank you!
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going to a 99 harness is going to save you a lot of headaches. It's not plug and play but its totally worth it and you'll have some extra fun since its a VET. my ECU recommendation is link, hands down.
I have a link fury g4+ on my P10 and i absolutely love it. The best bang for your buck and the software is fairly easy to use and I've reached out to support with great success. All around a great way to go for out cars to bring them to a more modern ECU package. I let my tuner to all the fine tuning and he loves tuning with link but the base tune was able to start the car with no problem as well. I had mega squirt in the past and it was not that great and I didn't end u keeping it for long.

I wouldn't think so, but just have to account for the extra bits you may need for the setup like boost control, map sensor etc. It's pretty straight forward but finding something that works with the OEM IACV is also a plus. (my link uses the OEM IACV sensors).
Are you boosted? I have an Apexi controller and solenoid but dont have them wired up yet, HolleyEFI 3-bar map, genuine GM IAT CLT, etc all wired and calibrated in TS. I've heard (and seen) good things about Link. Might bite the bullet and buy one. Are you running sequential spark and fuel with coils and a CAS, or a distributor setup? I've tried with both on the speeduino and Microsquirt, no dice. All the info I can find is specific to Miatas, not much for Nissan on those setups.
yes boosted GTIR. yes to CAS as well. it works well for my setup
Nice, what are you using for a connection from the J-Pipe to your exhaust under the motor to clear the oil pan?
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its all custom
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