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02 qt1 p11 5port

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Testing water on my QT1 paint 02 P11 looking for other sedans or cash .. ~3.5
It sports the 2.0 SR20DE FWD paired with a 5 speed manual transmission & LSD.

Sport trim features

Truck spoiler
Black leather/ Suede (sport) interior
Bose speakers & amp
16" Sport alloys

Recent service under 1k miles

4 tires
New Radiator
New thermostat
New P/S pump
Coolant flush (full)
Transmission oil change 80/90
New NGK plugs
Oil change Mobile Synthetic

Paint is 7/10 and interior the same

make offers txt 813 401 4154 for pictures
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Looks nice but the pic isnt exactly what your add says. those rims are 15" non sport and the lack of a spoiler makes me think non sport.
it's a non sport...

sorry man but to those on the forums who like the 02' sport, your car is very different. Night and day difference between the two

Looks like tan interior as well...if u have a qt1 on blk interior, lmk ASAP
Sorry for the confusion that is the wrong p11

if interested in seeing photos or the qt1 5port yes it is a sport
please txt 813 401 4154
How can the images be wrong? That sounds shady as fuck. No one could accidentally upload pics of a car that isn't theirs and not realize it. I hope I'm wrong, but it really smells like shit in this thread right now.
I had 2 p11s at the time of posting.

only one that remains is the 02 5port.

please keep claims to a minimum if we arent buying!
so why not clear up the confusion and post current pics here? ...just a suggestion anyway
HERE THE PHOTOS / bumper fell off & paint on said bumper is scuffed up, fog light passenger broke during this time....
price is now 2.5 k cash
bump ttt anyone?

2k for this 02 5port.
i'll give you 2k if you can get this to Colorado.
car was sold this wknd to me...thanks again usdmp11 :rockin:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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