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Finally back in the "game" with another modified daily.

Most of you will remember my old car:

Sold that and decided to move up onto something a bit newer.

I picked this car up with the intention to fix it up and make it a "stylish" daily driver.

'08 SE-R Spec V with 26k. Yes, the exterior was in some desperate need of work, but considering it had absolutely no frame damage, suspension was incredibly firm, and drivetrain ran great. I figured it was worth saving.

Pictures from the auction:

Took it to a friend's place for some lovin'.

Had all of the lower rocker panel damage repaired properly, quarter panel pulled/shaped, and figured it was better off being sprayed completely.

Somewhat put together:

When I took delivery Thursday afternoon (2 days ago).

Considering I had already stockpiled parts for this thing, I got to work yesterday morning.

Nice before and after:

Just installed my BC coilovers, 18x9 +35 TE Reps (225/40 F, 235/40 R) and Project Kics lug nuts. Set the rears on max low with all collars on. Fronts still have some room to go lower.

Here's the fender braces when I installed them before paint.

Decided to throw this on just now.

I hate how difficult it is to capture flat black wheels on a picture. Haha.

I'm actually pretty happy with the way the fitment turned out. Originally, I felt as though the offsets were rather weak (I do run 17x9 +5, 18x10.5 +14's on my S13, haha), but it actually turned out to be spot on. I know I could've gone down to +25 or so if I ran a 215/40 tire, but considering it's still needs to be a comfortable daily, I'd rather not run that type of stretch.

These are all parts I have already sitting in my garage. A lot of them I'm holding off on installing until I get my inspection out of the way. Wouldn't want the DMV to complain about something dumb.

Full OEM White respray
Home Depot lip
Plasti-dipped badges
Window Visors
20% tint
Rear Roof spoiler
Upgraded 2012 Headlights w/Silverstar bulbs
LED running lights
LED license plate lighting


Nismo Titanium shift knob
Upgraded LED dome/map lights
LED trunk lighting

BC Racing Coilovers
Tweed Fender Braces
Tweed Rear trunk brace
Tweed Rear swaybar
Tweed Front 3-point brace

Upgraded ceramic pads
Painted teal calipers/rotor faces

Miro TE37 Reps - 18x9 +35 | $x114.3
Pirelli 225/40 F | 235/40 R tires
Project Kics R40 lug nuts

Injen cold air intake
Greddy axle-back exhaust

I would consider an aftermarket header, but I've dealt with a ref ticket in the past. Not a pleasant experience. I'll leave all of the not-street legal mods for my S13. Hah

I'll update this thing as it comes together.


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How much was the winning bid and what's the output of this Honda (b16) ....... lol

Shes a keeper... congrats
I'd rather not say. It was a really good deal though. Haha

Looks awesome! Trying to get a feel for the cost of a respray and light body work. I know it was a friend, but do you mind telling me what you paid? You can PM me if needed.

Honestly, considering the amount of work that was done to it, you'd be looking at anywhere in the neighborhood of $3,000-$3500. Repairing the rocker panel, reshaping the quarter panel, sanding down and respraying the entire car.

You know, I looked at the new sentras as total egg shaped mom cars. But you pretty much changed my whole outlook on them with this.

Yours looks real good!
Honestly, I felt the same way for a while. After owning my P11, I really liked FWD platforms. Super good on gas and easy on maintenance. My first '08 Spec V, I planned on doing the same thing to, but I handed that car over to my dad so he could commute in it to work. I think I had planned the style out for this Spec V for like a year. I wanted to execute it properly without going over the top. It still isn't where I want it to be, but once I get inspection out of the way, I'll be tossing on everything else.

Looks fresh,what a after look.yea if dont mind how much u pay at the auction.good work
A more than fair amount considering the work needed. Haha

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No. I've worked at a body shop before and we've repaired damage like this. Dent puller (weld-on type), body hammer, and a very small amount of body filler to shape it out. It actually turned out pretty great.

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No. I've worked at a body shop before and we've repaired damage like this. Dent puller (weld-on type), body hammer, and a very small amount of body filler to shape it out. It actually turned out pretty great.
damn I work as a appraiser for a ins co.
and I would have replace the door and that quarter, then prob repair the rocker and
and depending on the damages on the rear bumper and rocker molding, ive would have replaced them too

either way lookin good!!!

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Went ahead and did the brakes on the car. Decided to use high-temp Teal paint (similar to the Project Mu teal) on the rotor hats and calipers/brackets. Also installed the DIY lip along the front, Silverstar headlight bulbs, LED lighting to the rest of the car, and plasti-dipped rear badges. I'll probably get around to installing the SE-R and Spec-V badge later this week.

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