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12-17-06 Bay Area Lunch/Photoshoot

I am showing up about 30 minutes early to put in the table for the amount CONFIRMED... if you do NOT confirm, guess what happens? You don't get to sit with us! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE confirm with me through a PM.

I will be sending out PMs regarding this as well so there's no excuse!!! :p

Okay, with all of this talk lately of meets and such, I think it's about time to for me to organize one. This is 16 days in advance and ON a weekend, which is VERY convenient for those of you who work M-F. :D So I am always down with just chillin over drinks and lunch so let me know what you think.

Edit: I have decided to take pictures AFTER the lunch up in San Francisco on Pier 30, since I will be taking the family up there. It's time for me to work the hell out of the D70 at that spot so be prepared to pay for parking. :D :D :D

Pier 30, San Francisco, CA

So with that said. Here's the information.

Who: YOU!
What: Bay Area Lunch/Get together
When: 12-17-06 12:00 PM
Why: Because it's that time for a Bay Area meet.
Bring: 30-40 dollas fo food!!! ...or more if you plan on having some 'drinks' (Please be prepared to pay for gratuity as our group is VERY large. :D)
Where (this is the important part :p):

Elephant Bar - 39233 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA

If you guys want to hang out and chill after, that can all be discussed over the food. Let's get this going. Bay Area members, start PM'ing other guys from the area we'll see what we can get started. :D

Don't add to the list, just PM me w/ your location if you will be going and i'll update this main post. Thanks!


:thumbsup: The List: :thumbsup:
1. hiimj0ne/Skinny Jon(P11)
2. Ugly/Ugly Jeff (P11) +1
3. EvilYak/t3h savior of Joanne's alarm Alex (Carless) +1
4. reyesjnj/Juan (P10) +1
5. autox_blonde/Elysha (P10) +1 (t3h hubby)
6. LaYzEe/Mike (P11)
7. P11Gdub/Communist Mike (P11)
8. JustAnotherG20/Alex (P11)
9. krookednose7/Trevor (P10)
10. BabeePreshus/Young (P11) +1
11. s13_fastback/Vince (S13)
12. b18onboost/Khiem
13. jdragonprc/Telly (P10) +1
14. tinyP10/Reanna (P10)

:headshake Maybe's: :headshake
1. alienz_g20/Jordan (P10)
2. TE's02p11G/T-San! (P11)
3. NISSANS14NX/Gerald (P11)
4. ILikeMyRiceSpicy/Lawrence (P11)

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ooooooooooooooooh, this sounds like fun. make it at freakmont mayne. im down (i have a bday thing to go to the night before...hopefully i aint that fucked up? :dead: :shhh: :nervous: )


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can't make weekend meets this month cause i'm off thursdays and fridays, sorry guys maybe next time. Anyone down to meet during the week?

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I'm gonna saaaaayy... maybe... :-\ I might be traveling that weekend. I'll know for sure in a week or so.
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