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Ok, So here's my question.

I just got a new Panasonic MXE CQ-DFX701U and have not installed it yet. It has 50Wx4 output. I do not need to blow anybody away with the audio, but I do want good clear sound. Should I bypass the built in amp? I heard that the Infinity units for the 91 amp the front speakers and send the back speakers through a seperate amp. If this is true, would I have to re-wire the speakers entirely to bypass the rear amp? Will the audio be decent if the amp is bypassed, or is it worth the extra hassel / money to try to run the rear speakers through the amp.

Also the adapters needed for the unit..... are the pricey? (ie. Antenna).

Sorry if I sound like a total amature, but I need to start somewhere. Any help would be really great.

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