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1992 G20 Idle - Can't find or reach IACV adjustmen

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1992 G20 Idle - Can't find or reach IACV adjustment

It's emissions season here in metro-Atlanta, GA. I am going through the procedure to set the timing on my sons '92 G20. Setting the timing is straightforward, but when I disconnect the throttle position sensor, the car stalls. The idle appears to be low. I located the IACV unit near the oil filter, and located the idle screw on top, but I cannot figure out how to get to it. Can anyone tell me how to reach it? Is it accessible from above? Should I even fool with it? Is there a special "offset" tool?

I have looked in the service manual, and searched the web for suitable instructions, but they invariably say "adjust" left or right without showing how to reach the screw.

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Just use a really long screw driver and reach it from the top.
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