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I have a p10 cylinder head I ordered from a salvage parts store, out of state. When it arrived, I saw the intake cam had pitting on a lobe, right before the nose of the lobe.
The end cap for the exhaust cam, which serves as the bracket for the distributor, had snapped off.
The front corner flange, which rests on the head and lives just under the water outlet housing at that front corner location, had also snapped off.
I have these two pieces, and a welding shop told me it wouldn't be a problem for them to weld them back in place.
One pair of shim and rocker arm guide is missing (cylinder 4, exhaust side).
One valve is burned out.
I have the rocker arms and the cam caps and bolts.
All eight hydraulic lifters are still in place.

Would anyone be interested in having this? I am in NC.
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