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So this car has a long enthusiast history.

We bought this car for our friend Steve years ago in Phoenix from a member here. After Steve was ready to sell it, it went to my best friend Maureen. It's been maintained by us the entire time and everything is up-to-date including newer tires that have maybe 4000 miles on them now. SSAC exhaust header, all refereshed suspension including proper OEM rubber top mounts, OEM upper control arms (no corners cut with this car folks). I have a lot more details but it's not officially available For Sale YET. It will be available within the next month or 2 when my friend upgrades to a much newer car.

Its a 1993 Automatic with about 205k miles on it now. It has seen 5 Chicago winters now and is just starting to display rust bubbling on the rear fenders but the core support and all the other pieces and parts are solid (only cosmetic rust starting to show at this point). It has been smoked in the past 5 years (yes she is a smoker).

It has a badly cracked dash but a replacement black dash will go with the car for the new owner to install at their leisure.

Price will be around $1600 as an FYI.

Feel free to Text me if interested 928 693 7441.

I'm trying to give 1st option on the enthusiast groups before going mainstream to craigslist, ebay and other ad venues. You guys and gals here know how great these cars can be! This on is a bit rough but its reliable and keeps on going!

It's the DARK BLUE one in this photo (only one I have at this moment for reference)

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