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1993 P10 w/ VE

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I'm in no rush to sell my car but thought I would popst it up & see if there is any interest. I bought it about a year ago and have used it as a daily driver. The body currently has 211,000 miles on it. The engine has roughly 60,000 miles and I dont know how miles are on the trans but it shifts fine. Here is a link to my build thread:

I work for Infiniti so the bulk of the parts replaced are w/ OEM. Here is a list of mods/replaced components:

SR20VE w/ SR16 N1 cams
Outlaw Engineering Throttle Body Spacers
MSD Window Switch for the VVL
Headers (OBX I think) 2.25" full exhaust w/ Apexi N1 Muffler
New NGK's & Spectre Air Filter
Drive Belts
A/C Compressor
Radiator Hoses
All fuids have been serviced

5 Speed LSD Trans w/ rebuilt clutch & bearings
New Axles
Front Wheel Bearings

Tein Springs
KYB Adjustable Shocks

5zigen 15" wheels w/ Kumho Ecsta 205/15r15- roughly 7,000 miles on them

All Body panels have been swapped from a '95 & t trunk installed- no big dents just a few dings
TE Front & Rear Bumpers w/ AUDM fog lamps
Fender Lights
New bulbs throughout Body & Interior including gauge cluster

New Black Carpet & sort of new G35 Floor mats
G20t Black leather seats w/ no tears
Black Driver Side Manual seat belt conversion, I have the pass side but haven't installed it.
G37 Steering Wheel
Black Center Console
Pioneer DEH-1200 head unit (may or may not go w/ the sale)
Polk Audio Front Door Speakers
HVAC Control Unit

THe only known issue now is a slight leak at the sunroof, I havent pulled the drains to check. It's a good running car & with a little more work, like paint, it will be perfect. It gets around 29mpg and pulls strong when the VVL kicks in. I'm looking to sell it, not part it out. It's located 30 minutes south of Atlanta. Asking $6,500.00. Pm me with any questions.
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...just curious, did you repaint the car or is it still 4 different colors? (looked like 2 different shades of white, black and blue in your build thread)
It hasnt been painted yet. The trunk lid is dark blue, the bumpers are grey, the doors hood & fenders are white, & the rear quarters are tan.
Good luck, looks like you put a ton of work into that car. Its a buyer's market these days for the g20, lots of people are selling.
the windshield was just replaced too.
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