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Hi guys- posting this in the For Sale forum- I posted it in the wrong forum last night. Please see my original message cut and pasted below:

Although I just registered here last night, I've been coming here for years to learn and read about G20's (for example I changed the antenna mast myself after coming here).

I have a 1994 G20 that I'm trying to sell. I figured I'd post it on here first before going to craigslist. It's forest green with tan cloth interior. The car has 209K on it (it's been driven across the US twice, with no problems). I have all the records since the car was brand new.

It still runs and can be driven, but has alot of things that are broken or don't work. It's also been in an accident (with a bumpy hill, not another car), so the front hood and quarter panel is now crooked.

However, for parts it would be good. I'd be happy with getting $500 for it.

I'm here in Sacramento, CA. In fact there's another green G20 right around the corner from me with a license plate on it.

Please just send me an email at [email protected] - I have some pics (can take more), and can give you a call and give you more details. Anyone is welcome to come look at it also.

Thanks all, and thanks for providing this great resource over the years,

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