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Selling a 1994 Infiniti G20T . 5spd with tranny going to give out in a few months or so. Engine is good and healthy, just the tranny
that will give out in about 4-6 months. Will need a new right axle, and it needs a new back left tire, which is currently on a spare. Have
all 4 tires, but again, 1 of them is out. Original Rims, interior was kept nice and clean, with the exception of a tear on the Driver seat. As you guys know, the T is infamous for its black leather, clean, sleek look, so let me know.

$1200 OBO

Clean title, no dents or dings.

Interior - 8/10
Exterior - 6/10

Text me at 626 848 6399 , or just hmu on the forums.
No Flakes or Lowballers please!! Will take trades if its in my favor. Let me know :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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