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- Location: Scarborough, Ontario
- Contact: (647) 262-1239, [email protected].
- Selling price: $6,500, OR Best Offer (please read the end of the thread for explenation!)

1995 Nissan 240SX LE
232,XXX KM approx
Aspen White Pearlglow
16x6.5 OEM Wheels w/ Dunlop FM 901's 205/55/R16
Black Leather seats and trim
Power Windows & Sunroof

Tein Type Flex 16 Way Coilover System (rear shocks serviced by Tein in 2007)
Tein Tie Rods & Ends
Cusco Front TC Rods
Cusco Front Strut Bar

OEM 300ZX TT Front Aluminium Calipers
OEM 30MM Front Rotors
Endless Stree/Track Pads
DOT Approved Front SS Brake Lines
OEM Nissan Silvia S15 rear calipers (same as s14 stock just newer)
OEM Rear Rotors
HAWK Racing pads

Engine & Trans
1997 KA24DE (The engine was swaped, right now it has approx 150,000 KM)
New 750 Amp Eliminator Battery with warranty
New Starter Motor
Unorthodox Racing Underdrive Pully
Vibrant Performance 3' Racing Cat
Vibratn Performance 3' Cat-Back Turbo S14 Exhaust system (This car was used to mock up the system pre production by Vibrant Performance)
Solid Urethan Exhaust Mounts
Centerforce Stage 2 Cluch
Brand New Slave + Master cylinders

Car was painted in 2006
OEM Nissan NaVaN Front Bumper
OEM Nissan NaVaN Side Skirts
OEM Nissan NaVaN Rear Valances
S14 K's Type S rear LED spoiler
S14 JDM Kouki Rear Tail Lights
S14 OEM Aero Grill

NISMO Shift Knob
Nardi Classic Steering Wheel
Nardi S14 Wheel Hub
S14 JDM Digital Climate Control System (Currently not functioning so great, i believe its a small fix)
Sony CD Player
Infinity Kappa Series 6 speaker System
Sub Box including 2 (10") subs, one not working
Amp also included.
Dynamat Xtream Sound Mat on doors and rear deck lid

Okay so here is the story. I bought this car about 1 year exactly as the car is today, with no major upgrades appart from what i have listed. The car was bought by me with 212,XXX KM on the body. Originally the person who sold me the car had purchased the car in London Ontario.

The car does hold a rebuild on the title, which was expalined to me when i bought the car, but a carfax was performed and it was found that it was only a minor front end accident, after removing the body work for the painting there was no signs of damage.

The car has been certified twice without and issues. The 5spd swap was done along with putting in the 1997 engine. The clutch pedal was brand new and recently i replaced the master/slave cylinders (brand new). The bleeding box system was removed and was hard lined all the way down to the flex line for pedal feel. The car while in my care has been maintained well in regards to oil changes and servicing. The car has not been tracked out and drives well on city streets but with the upgrades on it you could easily have some fun. I have also kept all the major paperwork that are for the car and they would come with the car.

As for under the car, i haven't had a chance to take pictures yet, but the best way to know is to actually see the car yourself. Id say the condition is very good for a 1995 S14.

The BAD:

As you can see from the pictures, i had a little accident in the front of the car. Long story short, driving my baby, lost control, hit a railing. The damage is not bad at all, you can fix it, or just buy a new quarter panel and paint it. The front bumper also either needs to be fixed and repainted or buying a new one would be the best thing to do. Also from the same accident, the rear passanger panel has a small dent (which you cannot even see unless pointed out. I have included a picture of this).

The back bumper was also hit slightly by some idiot, which left some paint chips, but no dents (Also shown in pictures).

The car is also going to need a new alignment because of the hit.

Also the caliper on the rear passanger side is making a squeeking noise (this happened before the small accident) but im sure its a minor fix.

SELLING PRICE: Some of my friends in the Southern Ontario group are going to kill me for selling the car i love so much, and it gets attention, and i bought it to complete it as a full Silvia, drop an SR, and the list goes on, but i will be going into my 4th year at University this September, and i think she deserves more than i can do for her at the moment. I don't REALLY want to sell the car, and i am already looking into fixing everything from the accident (which happend last night), but i am open to my options.

A good price offer would be $6,500 considering the price i bought it at, but i am willing to negotiate. I WILL NOT PART OUT.. clearly.

Also i am very open to any offers + trades (i am only interested in nice, clean, well maintained cars).

I am happy to answer any questions you have about the car, my contact info is uptop.


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