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1996 P10t intake question

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Hey Gnet, so i was planning to get a JWT popcharger, but is wondering if there is a popcharger that comes with the intake sensor (idk what its for, mi cousins p11t dont have it). i know that i will have to use mi oem maf, but on my 96 P10t, there is a sensor sitting on the intake, and it throws a code if i take it off. can anyone tell me if there are popchargers that come with it, because i dont like having my check engine light on when nothing is wrong.
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It's a temp. sensor, and it doesn't really affect anything. I ziptied mine aside, still wired in. Not that big of a deal.
same here, just ziptie it up somewhere, out of the way
I made a small AL fitting to house it in the stock intake tube. I noticed I got worse gas mileage when I zip-tied it off to the side.
^^ that should not happen as that sensor does not alter anything to the best of my knowledge
Ecu also uses temp to determine mixture.

Go figure! An Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor providing useful information to the ECU.
It will affect ur ECU reading, therefore affecting ur mpg, but IIRC most of the mixture change done by the ECU is done with the O2 sensor. So it will affect u, just not much.
I lost about 2-3mpg, not huge, but it was noticeable. Put it back into intake using that fitting, got my mpg back.
so should i just not worry about it just hanging on the side when i get a popcharger? or do u guys mean take the sensor on the intake off and keep it plugged and ziptied to the side?
well i never noticed the drop in MPG, however it seems to be the consensus that if it is removed from the intake air stream you will suffer a very small drop in MPG.

so its up to you.

If you can live with the minro MPG drop, then leave the wires/harness connected but ziptie the sensor up & out of the way somehwere.

if you ocannot justidfy the drop in MPG, then mount it into the intake. I ghave aseen a JWT filter before with a hole in the top for the snesor, or you could essentially gut the "braket" for the sensor out of the existing holder, then retrofit it onto your intake pipe (should be 3 holes, 1 larger for the snesor, & 2 smaller for the mounting screws)
Okay. thanks guys. ill try it and see if i like it or not.
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