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1999 G20...All 4 doors wont lock but will unlock.....clicking sound....searched alot

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1999 g20.....just bought it....yaaaa its a cool little car

When i hit the lock/unlock button i hear a click but nothing.......when i push the indicator to lock it will automatically unlock.....when im inside the car i can lock the door manually and then unlock it using the lock/unlock switch.

Any ideas?...i've googled and searched but every one says door actuators.......i find it hard to believe that 4 door actuators went bad.

help me please.
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They're all linked to the drivers door, i.e. if you manually lock the drivers door the rest of the doors lock. So I'd replace that one and then see if it functions as normal again after the drivers door is working again. I'd expect the rest of them are fine.
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