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1999 g20....shifts from 1st to overdrive.....details inside..please help

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1999 g20 250K

the trans has been giving me issues with going straight from first to OD.....if i floor it it wont down shift either........

REPLACED: shift solenoids, fluid, filter, tbs....reset everything.

when i run the hard codes from the ECM through the MIL light it blinks every code at least once.

when i go from D1 to D2 it will shift smooth and easy and the second i go to (D-OD off) it will shift straight to 3rd with no issues.....but in straight(D) its just going to OD...... and when i take OD off it will down shift no problem.

Now im leaning to the TCM being bad due to the trans actually works fine when shifted manually.

Any idea guys?

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quick question....

Is there a difference between the revolution sensor and speed sensor or are they the same but called different names? if they are different, im assuming the sensor with the gear is the speed sensor so were is the revolution sensor located?
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