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My 1999 G20t finally took her last breath so it's time to start parting her out. The exterior is in decent shape but nothing to write home about. The car was garaged most of its life but rust has still taken to a few spots above the rear wheels and above the windshield. The engine is solid and shows practically no signs of age but the same can't be said for the tranny..I suspect the torque converter is going. I'm not going to make a mile long post with intricate details about every problem so if you have questions, please PM me. I'm happy to text or message pictures if you want a better description or picture of something specific (e.g., left tail light assembly).

To keep it simple, parts of the exterior that someone may want are:

Trunk lid assembly (with or without spoiler, if I can get it off)
Rear left tail light assembly (right has a small hole in it)
All windows EXCEPT the windshield have 15% Lumar tints that were professionally installed by TNT Window Tinting in Madison, WI (no flaws to the tint, but the exteriors of some of the windows have some scratches from window paint or something)
Front passenger side headlight+turn signal assembly
Misc engine parts (you name it and I'll see if I can get it off)
---pick-up only items-----
Both passenger doors and the back driver side door are in good shape
The hood has some scratches but is in ok shape overall
passenger side fender (might be possible to ship)

The interior is in much better shape. The seats are tan leather and generally in good condition for being nearly 15 years old. Driver seat has a small tear in the right shoulder. They were conditioned regularly and the car was vacuumed weekly.

Parts that may interest people:
Floor mats (pretty good shape)
Driver, passenger, and rear seat assemblies
Seat belt assemblies
Steering wheel is OK, leather is worn
I have the stock head unit but the CD player doesn't work, so I also have a Kenwood unit for sale
E-brake lever
Center console
Glove box
Brake or gas pedals
Misc plastics (pillars, trim, around lights, etc)
The stock Bose component speakers
etc etc

I'm not interested in shipping heavy/large parts (e.g., engine, transmission, seats, doors, wheels) and anything that needs to be shipped will have to be paid for by the buyer. My dad has expressed that he would prefer to just donate the car to charity or a scrap metal place but I can't see her go like that. I would like to help out a few fellow G owners to keep as many on the road as possible. That being said, if you're in the Madison area and have a way to pick up large parts or the entire car, we could work something out.

All parts are "best offer", so long as they make it worth my while to remove and ship. I'd like to make a $20 minimum order (don't ask me for a reflector for $2 or something). Package deals will receive a discount.

Again, PM with questions/inquiries and I'll try to get back to you asap. For general questions, stick to public posts. If I'm not getting much response, the car will probably end up in a junk yard somewhere.

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