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1999 P11 G20 JV0 Build - 6 Speed GT28 Avenir 25 PSI Methanol DD Sleeper build

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Well I lent my 99' EV0 GT28 car to my brother after we built it and he decided he wanted one too... So here we go again. We found a JV0 left for dead with the springs chopped in half to lower it, cracked radiator, both cv axles were clicking, AC compressor was howling.. Exterior has a little rust and interior is pretty nice for a 208k mile car. Not too bad of a car for $700, it almost couldn't make the 2.5 hour drive back :)

The plan is to make a good DD car with A/C that keeps good highway mileage but is also fun to take to the track and weekend events to play around in.

Engine plans:
Avenir W11 shortblock with rebuilt low port head and intake
W11 Cams
ARP Head studs
GT28 setup with Tial MVS wastegate
3" SS exhaust all the way
550cc injectors

Six Speed SpecV - Torsen LSD
Maxima 3.81 final drive
Maxima .63 sixth gear
O.S. Giken super single S15 clutch (Aluminum PP)

320mm 350Z Twin pot fronts
A32 278mm Maxima rears

Other stuff
AEM management
AEM progressive methanol injection kit
SpecV Clutch pedal
SpecV Clutch master and lines
SpecV shifter box and cables
SpecV axles - Turned ABS rings
SpecV transmission mount
Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
New upper and lower control arms with ball joints and bushings
Rebuilt steering rack
All new axle bearings / Pivot bearings
5 Lug swap
Nissan Murano 18" wheels (18x7.5 35 offset)
New Struts/shocks
New stock radiator
New hoses / Vac lines
New belts
Solid front and rear motor mounts


First weekend to really get moving. Engine is out, pressure washed the engine bay, removed all of the automatic crap and installed the 6 speed stuff (pedals, shift box, hydraulics). Transmission is rebuilt with the Maxima .63 sixth gear and 3.81 final drive and the O.S. Giken clutch is on and the tranny is now mated to the engine. James finished the front and rear solid motor mounts and also turned the spec ABS rings down so the P11 rings will press on. Still waiting on the 94Y head to come in so we can button the engine up.

The specV clutch pedal fit really nice, only had to cut off the mounting spacers and drill 2 holes. The SpecV shifter box was moved towards the drivers side 3/4" so it would fit the P11 console better. I mounted mine in the stock location and am not happy where it sits. I will probably pull mine and relocate it if this project turns out better.

Update - 09-16-13

Only had a few hours this weekend to putz with the car. Got the Z calipers cleaned up, we also have the AEM and wiring ready to go in. What's really cool is we are going to use the FIC6 but wired it up so we can plug a FIC8 in to play with the overboost and boost control functions to see which one we are going to stick with in this car.

Update - 9-22-13

We got about 10 hours in today. Finished the engine, changed the head, used ARP studs and VET head gasket. Got the acc's back on with new belts, new hoses, James had to modify the mounts on a AC compressor from a specV to fit on the motor since we didn't have a good AC compressor from a G20. The intake is on and complete, changed the injectors to 550cc, installed the power steering rack.... Also made a really cool seal driver on the lathe!

Update 9-29-2013

Got about 8 more hours into it with my brother this weekend. We ran into quite a few hangups... Drive axle was 1" too long so we had to use a old non abs axle untill we get a replacement. Rear wheel bearing was seized onto the axle. Had to grind the bearing race off. But we did get the following changed:

5 Lug swap
All new wheel bearings installed
Spindle pivot bearings replaced
New struts
350Z front brakes installed
A32 Maxima rear brakes installed
Core support cleaned and painted

By the way the Murano wheels with 225 40 18" tires fit perfect!

The VET headgasket from MazWorx - Had no Nissan part numbers?? If you want a OEM gasket probably should call Greg @ Gspec

Update 10-05-2013

James only had Saturday off and it was raining all day. So we worked in the rain.... Test fit the Z wheels... Didn't like them, they stick out and would cause rubbing problems if it was ever lowered. Installed the 255lph fuel pump. Finished all of the welding on the turbo manifold. Also replaced the driver axle with a new ABS axle. Had to grind and weld the frame for axle boot clearance like a couple other six speed swaps I have seen on the fourms here.


Update 10-12-13

It didn't rain!! Got a full day in today!! We finished up quite a bit of stuff. Installed the intercooler and pipe work, finished all of the welding up front, made new turbo oil/water lines, Wastegate plumbing is done, interior is back together, installed gauges, cut and fit front bumper cover...


Update 10-20-13

We had another nice day to work. Filled fluids Trans/Engine/Clutch/Brakes... Got the wiring done, gauges installed, ECU/AEM. 3" Exhaust, 3" Hiflow cat, OBX split flow 3" muffler welded up. Finally got to hear it run! Started right up.

Here is a slideshow of the build pics.
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Saved for later......
Wow, this will be the 1st millennium jade w/ de-t, six speed, and extra lugs. You guys make this look too easy. Subscribing.

BTW, lmk if you wanna toss those rims away. They 16s or 17s? I'll be happy to take them off your hands
that doesn't look like millennium jade...
It's getting eaisier every time but still lots and lots of hours of work x2 guys... I'm not sure what he is doing with the wheels, they aren't in the best shape. They are aftermarket "sport" wheels??

that doesn't look like millennium jade...
JV0 Dark Green Metallic/Monterey Green Pearl

Just been sitting outside for a long time. we are going to clean it up and try buffing it out to see if she will shine up again..
paint seems decent to me. i am looking forward to your progress.
Depending on wheel condi. I gots JDM stuff I'm willing to trade. Hit me up if he wants to trade.... aighttt
Cool to see the B15 pedal and clutch MC work in the P11. I've been trying to get the clutch MC to work on my P10, but it definitely doesn't have enough space. It needs another 1/4" on the wheel well side.
Cool to see the B15 pedal and clutch MC work in the P11. I've been trying to get the clutch MC to work on my P10, but it definitely doesn't have enough space. It needs another 1/4" on the wheel well side.
The master cylinder is a real tight fit on the P11 too. It touches the shock tower and also the master cylinder. The 350z setup on my car fits the same, hits on both sides. It's a PITA to get in there but when you have the stuff laying around it might as well get used :)
I just picked up some Nissan Murano 18" x 7.5" 35 offset wheels dirt cheap. What do you guys think??

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I'm hoping they will look decent once they are actually on the car. I just had to get a set of 5 lug 17" or larger to set the car on after the brake/lug swap.. If not they will get the car rolling till other OEM wheels show up in the local craigslist area. There haven't been a lot of Infiniti/Nissan wheels for sale in the last 2 months???
nice, i need to go 6sp

which flywheel?
It's a O.S. Giken Super single setup for a S15 6spd. The flywheel, clutch setup all comes together. It is really close to the Exedy super single NH02SD1 that is in my car also.
It's a O.S. Giken Super single setup for a S15 6spd. The flywheel, clutch setup all comes together. It is really close to the Exedy super single NH02SD1 that is in my car also.
Bolt right up? Because I have an HKS similar setup
Yep, just used a extra block plate between the trans/engine just in case it was as close as my Exedy setup. The lightweight aluminum pressure plate setups are alot smaller than the regular stamped steel S15 6spd setups so the bellhouse doesn't need to be cut and clearanced.

BTW, can you put a pic of the HKS setup please? I would like to see one.
This is the best picture I have. It's in the bottom of my parts bin right now so can't get any better ones.
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