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2 set of p10 Suspension

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p10 Suspension goodies

a Set of tiens on KYB GR-2 for 200 OBO + shipping.


set of KYB AGX (EVERYTHING) for 250 OBO + shipping.
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Yes front and back for both sets
Are the AGX's with springs or stand alone?
AGX's are with springs.
Which springs are they?
it came with the car so i dont know. but it is also red
How was the ride? Bouncy? Pretty stiff ? Smooth? This is with the agx's I'm asking about
Very Smooth to me but it is adjustable.
Only if I had a p10 put this on. Dont sleep on these fellas. Good prices from a cool p10 dood
sell me the tein springs.
Sorry only selling as a set
Still have the AGX? Have pictures that work?
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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