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Okay so I have a 2000 G20t and I just put in a W11 DET. I am using a step-down from my stock '00 harness to a B14 ecu that will be getting a nistune makeover soon.

I am buttoning up wiring right now and I am stumped on the IACV regulator that the older SR's used. I am not a pro with electrical diagrams and I am hoping someone here can save me time.

On the 00+ G20's they did away with the 3 exclusive components of the IACV system, and integrated into one that sits on top of the throttle body. I have so far figured out the IACV-FICD and IACV-ACC components, but I am struggling with the IACV-Regulator wiring.

Based on the diagram from a '99 G20, it is clear the IACV-Regulator feeds off the Fuel-Pump-Relay which seems pretty straight forward. On the '00 G20, I have 2xFuel-Pump-Relays in the car. I am wondering if I can just splice into the B/Y wire on Fuel-Relay-1 and throw in a 66k resistor, for powering the regulator? I live in Utah where it can get cold, so I don't want to exclude the regulator if I don't have to. Any info would be super awesome.

1999 G20 IACV Regulator Wiring:

1999 G20 Fuel Pump Wiring:

2000 G20 Fuel Pump Wiring:

IACV Regulator:

The Whip:
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