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2000 Infiniti G20t Turbo 6MT
Weekend Warrior & AutoX Build

SR20DE Roller Rocker Swap & Turbo Prepping
Lowport Intake Manifold
SR20VE Valve Springs - Raises Redline to ~7.5k (some say 8k)
STI 520cc Injectors
UR Water Pump Pulley

GT28r Turbo with Disco Compressor Housing
T25 Manifold - Ported
T25 J-Pipe - Ported
3" SS Downpipe
Universal Aluminum Piping Kit
Precision 350hp Intercooler

3" VRS Exhaust with 3" STI Muffler
Borla XR-1 40085 Resonator

Walbro 255lph Install
Z32 Fuel Filter

Silla Radiator

Engine Management
NismoTronic NEMU & TunerCode
32bit to 16bit Conversion

Fuel Pressure Gauge


6 Speed Swap
- 03 Spec V Transmission w/P12 Bellhousing
- Spec V Axles w/Mazworx Axle Bracket
- JWT 250mm Flywheel
- 350z Exedy Stg1 Clutch
- P12 Slave Cylinder
DYI Short Shifter
Shifter Bushings


Coilovers: Fortune Auto 500 Gen 5 - 5k Front / 8k Rear
Panhard Bar and Lowering the Rear Roll Center

Strut Bars
Front: Cusco P10
Rear: Octotat

Rear: Addco Maxima Rear Swaybar

Control Arms
Upper Control Arms - Cusco -10mm (-1* Static Camber)
Anti-Lift Kit - Custom 9.5mm

LCA Rewarward Caster Bushing: SuperPro SPF3447K
Rear Beam Arm Bushings - ES 7.3113

Steel Braided HP PowerSteering Line
Outer Tie Rod Ends: L31 Altima

Wheel & Tires
Daily Wheels/Tires:
Velox Apex 17x7.5
Cooper RS3-S 225/45/17

Racing Wheels/Tires:
Drag 48: 17x9 ET17 and Yakohoma AD08R 235/45/17

Fender Pulling to fit 9" wide Wheels

Sunroof Wind Deflector Arms
2002 Sport Grille
Front Bumper Mouth

General Build Posts
Fuel Filter, 92 Octane Minimum, Aluminum Hubcentric Rings, NOS


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Initial Purchase

Here is the car as I purchased it before any modifications.


Not everyone is perfect, so this car has it's flaws too. It's fixable now :).

I just have bad luck with driver side mirrors. My wrecked P11 broke the driver side mirror, my wife's P11 had a broken mirror.


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good to see you updated over here!
and good choice on the Fortune's. I still haven't read that link you posted.

<<02_kl0_g20 on the dash btw
I finally have my process down for cross posting stuff between forums, but does get to be a lot of work when changing post, etc.

All good :)

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Yup, doing that now, have to update all of my links to the new image host too.

RR-T is doing "good" so far, I'm stilling trying to get her tuned out. I do see 1 knock event often, but talking to John Kerr he said it's probably just noise.

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what made you decide to keep it?
Sentra was easier to sell for one, it's roomier and more comfortable then my B15 was (but that will probably change after coilovers). G20 is also cheaper on my insurance, that bit was actually my final decision making point.

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Roller Rocker Swap & Turbo Prepping

I wasn't too pleased with the VE and the prices of playing around with one, along with not so great MPG's. Decided to go cheaper and simpler by swapping in the old Roller Rocker.

This thing sat for about two years.

Hey look dedicated water lines for the turbo, it's like it's more boost friendly! ;)

Stripped it down a good bit

Getting ready to engine stand it

Taking a bunch out to tap the block.

Tapping the block

I didn't like how high the pilot hole was thus lowered it a bit.

Drilled out and ready to start tapping.

First used the medium sized breaker bar, but it was getting to the point where it was hard to keep on tapping.


All done

Engine Cleaning
As you may have noticed the block is not clean. The valve cover was leaking badly.

Bunch of carb/break parts cleaner cans later...

Looks like front main seal was gone too

Replaced it and cleaned it up a bit.

Much much better

Cleaning the crank pulley I ended up perfectly pulling all of the paint. Looks pretty in chrome but would rust in no time.

I like the old style oil filter location, thus I try to use it on all of my motors. In this case oddly enough oil filter housing wouldn't let the intake manifold get in.

RR intake manifold and stock top feeds.

What really impressed me is the runners right before the head where actually very smooth.

RR EGR pipe is too long and restricts flow, thus I pulled it out.

Using VE Distributor, almost matches up on both ears.

Out goes the VE!

Getting ready to put in the RR

Needed a new VC seal, motor looks pretty good for 100k miles.

All put together

If you noticed the odd hose, well that's my manual IACV since RR manifold doesn't support old styled IACV's.

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Silla Radiator

Keo found an all aluminum double row B15 radiator. I got one to replace the Koyo with. Koyo was nice but overcooled the car at highway speeds.

Silla vs Stock



Silla pics:

Not perfect but pretty good welds

Places for stock radiators


Fits perfectly in the P11 mounts

The coolant overflow nipple is on the wrong side

Wont really let you run pullers with a eq length manifold and topmount

All done


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3" VRS Exhaust with 3" STI Muffler

VRS Piping kit:

The kit works pretty well except for one bend that made the exhaust hang too low and sit on the body of the car.

This basically caused the mid pipe to sit too high, and caused the B pipe to sit too low. It also angled it to sit against the car.

There was plenty of cutting and welding though, it wasn't quite a straight bolt on, but I also am using a non-standard small ricey muffler that most of these exhausts are meant for.

I love the STI muffler, it is very quiet inside of the car, while sounds beautiful on the outside. Since I went with a 3" turbo-back exhaust, I figured boring out the muffler would have some benefits too.

2.5" OD

Used a 3"OD holesaw

Here is the input pipe that I had to pull off

Had a ton of metal shavings to clean off

Drilled out the second tier, that's how far the input pipe went.

3" OD to 3" ID pipe fits perfectly

I also removed the heatshield so that the muffler could sit about .25" higher

Getting the pipe to the muffler was also fun

All of the pipes welded together and painted the welds (since I used regular steel mig wire)


And finally the most important piece... It's either an air deflector, or an "Oh CRAP my exhaust hanger broke!" bar.

Welded it all together

Finally the idling video

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Borla XR-1 40085 Resonator

Decided to finally get a resonator to help reduce the raspyness/loudness. Luckily Keo had a spare 3" resonator on hand. This is a Borla 3" in/out with 5" round by 15" long can.

Heat shields needed a little persuasion with a hammer to make room for the 5" can.

About an 1" of space now :)

Now P11's have skid plates in the back, I had to use the hammer on that too.

Finally the videos..
Here is the no resonator video, I reved to 7k at most here.

Second video, reved to 8k twice, bounced off the rev limiter for a little...

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Walbro 255lph Install

Marked where each goes, P11's had a black mark, but when I was washing the dust off carb cleaner ate away the painted arrow.

Yay stock unit:

And I feel stupid for this, completely forgot to get a shot of the Walbro unit, lets just say it wasn't yellow and that's all.

And as always the rubber o-ring stretched out. I tried to let it dry out and let it shrink, didn't happen. I didn't have a new one on hand, nor want to pay $15 to the stealership. So doing a quickfix with black electrical tape, if the fuel tank keeps pressure I will leave it, if not then I'll order one from RockAuto.

Fuel pressure went up a bit: 39 psi with vac, 44 psi without vac.

I believe it was 36 psi with vac and 40 psi before hand.

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Fuel Pressure Gauge

The fuel pressure gauge is installed, definitely a must for any tuner/modified car.

I picked up a Summit Racing liquid filled one for $20 shipped. Just about the only "Muscle Car" part on the car :bigthumbup:.

I say the box could be bigger.

Everything out:

Target line is the one that goes to the fuel filter

Of course the G20 will have a bunch extra and a metal pipe, I say meh!

Oh the fun part. 5/16 fuel hose onto a 3/8's T fitting. The side of the 5/16's hose had no problems, the stock one was a pain!

All done:
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