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2000 P11 with some goodies. Craigslist Ad

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Sold. Thanks guys.
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Lol, my old wagon skirts! I guess they just sat in your garage too!
Is that a tan leather interior I see?
Sell some of the parts. I would take the front bumper and strut bumper.
bump for a local OC, id love to take some parts off your hands, but

Thanks guys. It is tan interior. I have pretty much everything converted to black. Just never found good front black leather seats. And well of course never had time to just reupholster the front seats. Same with the steering wheel. I wanna keep the ad as is for a few days and will consider parting out. Thanks again
Bump, anyone here interested. Throw me offers!
I swear I've seen your p11 in South County before!
GLWS! :thumbsup:
& are you willing to trade grills & cash on my end? Got 2, a chrome one & the other painted with plastidip.
Yeah you probably have haha. After this weekend (there's a couple guys coming) ill consider trades. Thanks
My cousin will definitely cash you out if you still have the car. PM me.
Some news today. Took the car in for a full inspection and alignment, yada yada. Of course as of today the rack and pinion is BAD. So I haven't decided if I fix that and continue to sell the car. Or if there are any local takers on how it is AS IS. PM me offers.

Also the ad on craigslist I am not going to mess with until I decide if its worth to repair and sell or sell as is.
Some good news this morning. LCA's are the issue.
Would you be interested in selling me the bumper skirts? Glws
Clean! GLWS!
I wanna sell today. Ill take best offer!
$2500 come pick it up tonight!
Would u trade Ur xenon duals for regular ones n cash??
Does that price include the extras that were on the ad before? Bumper/skirts/etc..?
Nope. Will sell those seperate.
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