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2001 P11 G20t LSD transmission

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...Shoot me cash offers folks...

Up for sale is my 2001 G20t P11 LSD transmission. Cleaned, drained, and no grinds. I used it for about 4 months and it worked perfectly, but now that my original trans in my 99 G20t is fixed I'd like to sell this so I can fund my drift car suspension setup. Price is $800 shipped, will include new axle seals, new drain plug (Previous owner stripped out allen key), and also will swap over to a cable arm if need be (I have 2 other spare B13 LSD trans with the arm). I don't know if automatic LSD axles will work with a manual trans, but I did find a set at a pick a part rescently and they'll be there for at least 2 weeks. It'd be an extra $120 for both those Axles and boots are fine. I ship in large plastic containers and insure everything I Ship. I can not ship to Hawaii for $800, but I will ship there if you pay additional shipping charges, same goes for overseas shipments. I ship out of FedEx only, but if you have an account I will ship through that and reduce shipping price since you're covering it through your account. Here are some pics of the transmission.

Paypal is [email protected] Also, I am only off on Friday, so it'll be shipped out then once payment clears for item.
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Morning bump. Shoot me a PM and I'll work with you on payments.
Maybe I posted at an odd time... Bump
Not a bad deal. 800$ shipped and new seals plugs isn't bad.

As much as I want this... I don't NEED it...
Not a bad deal. 800$ shipped and new seals plugs isn't bad.

As much as I want this... I don't NEED it...
I know, right, you think people would be jumping all over this deal.
Even if you're waiting on funds, just PM me at least, maybe I can work something out.
I want/need this!! Haha but unfortunately no funds right now. Glws tho!!
----Missed out on a really great deal---
DAMN that's a good deal! I wish I had the funds, I'd definitely buy it.
Yep...1 and a half more hours... PM box is empty.
...Shoot me cash offers folks...
Will do layaway for the holidays... Or trade for a nismotronic ECU.
Mmm k... so no one needs or even wants this transmission?
Why not keep/use it?

I really want this for my spare motor but the wife may shoot me.
I'm not modding this G20 right now, and more than likely my current G20 will get wrecked or sold before I use it.
Sold for pennies...
Sold? I hope you took no less then 500$ (plus shipping).
Pretty much...irritates me that everyone wants this transmission but no one says or shows any interest in paying for one. So much easier to sell RWD stuff second hand than anything FWD SR related. A little cash is better than no cash.
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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