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2001 p11 stuff

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2001 p11 RR stuff

Roller Rocker valve cover, will not fit any other engine only Roller Rocker!! $60 shipped, freshly painted i was going to use it on my wifes VE g20 till i found out it wont fit.. its actually much nicer blue then the pics show, i will try to take a pic of it in sun light..

camshafts $50 shipped

water neck an all the hoses an stuff $50 shipped

Roller Rockers $50 shipped

head $50 bucks buyer pays shipping, no lifters included unless you dont mind det lifters, i'll toss the rockers in for $20 if ya buy the head.

oil filter housing $20 shipped

oil pick up tube $15 shipped

engine/trans plate $20 shipped

exhaust mani cat converter thing + shield $50 shipped

intake manifold and throttle body comes with injectors an shit $100 shipped

o2 sensor $20 shipped

engine harness $75 shipped
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the head is for sale also, shipping might be pricey tho, i'll let it go for 50+ shipping
RR distributor is sold, However i have a lowport one still!

Crank pulley is sold!
Lifters are sold!
first post updated with more items and i removed sold items
Hey Josh This is Satta (Kim). The guy who bought the car from Ben. Do you have the dipstick for that motor? I think its the same as my VE
Hey kim how are you? I hope everythings been good?

I do have the dip stick, come to vancouver and its yours for ten bucks.

It should be the same as ve since they have the same pans
Ok keep it for me please.
Text me on my cell 503-422-1024 you keep getting new phone lol

and im doing good :)
I'll take the alternator bracket and hardware.
Sorry ill fix that righ now, thanks ill have it out monday
bump, added the valve cover since i cant use it :(
Thx, Anodized blue
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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