This is a rare 2002 G20t manual.
Black with black leather and gray seude in the middle.
Interior is a relatively good sharp consider a 20 years old car. 121629 miles on the odometer.
Stainless steel 2.5 inch exhaust.

Exterior clear coat is mostly gone. Car runs but A/C might need coolant (I have a brand new compressor I will throw in).
Synchro in transmission is mostly gone for 1st gear, so it would grind if you don't let it fully stop before downshifting to first gear. I have a 99 LSD transmission with 5th gear pop out and damage bell housing I will throw in to may be make one good transmission out of the two.

The previous owner really messed up the wiring on this car. I don't think the engine is the original engine and he put 96 g20 ecu in there, all the security features like chipped key feature is gone (might be actually a good thing). I have 99 manual ecu I can throw in but I would recommend redoing the ecu wiring even it's running now.

Tech is not working, I think the wire is not connected when he change the ECU

I have many original nissan parts to restore this car. I also have Tein Coilovers I will throw in.

I just want this to go to someone whp knows about g20 and can use it. If there is any interest, I will get some pictures together.

If there is no interest, I will probably just donate this.