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2002 Infiniti G20 : Manual : 95k : Silver : Sacramento CA :: 56K Beware

I thinking about getting a G35 coupe so im seeing if anyones intrested in my g20!

Location: Sacramento, CA

Asking Price:

KBB: Kelly Blue Book Estimate

MPG: 23-25 Highway I dont do much city but id say 20ish... You can get higher as well My dad was able to get 28 when he took it on a long highway trip

Year: 2002
Make: Infiniti G20 P11
Transmission: 5sp Manual
Miles: ~95,000
Ill still be driving the car until i get a new one so it may be higher once i sell it.
Color: Silver (sparkely type one)

Recent Services:
Clutch (about a year ago)
SparkPlugs, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Oil Change (as of 8/24/2008)

Sport Package I belive
Cruise Control
Power Driver Seat
Power Moon/Sun Roof
Power Mirrors
Stock Bose Speakers
Pioneer DEH-P5000UB (I belive) or Stock Bose Head Unit
2-tone sport seats

The Pioneer Head Unit is setup to handle an IPod from the glove compartment as well as an audio input (3.5mm jack). You can also run any USB device off the headunit (may required outside power if external hard drive).
I did not bypass the amp so the signal is being double amplified. However it works excelent! I have not had any problems and the sound level is GREAT!!! I listen to music loud so i am very confident nothing will happen. However if you dont trust it I still have the origional Head Unit (DOnt have the CD Changer) that I can put back in. Still works so either way you will have sound!!!

Few Quirks:
This is some info that you might want to know about the car...
1 Accident (rear ended) has been fixed and car works like when i got it.

After i got the clutch replaced the front drivers side bearing broke and now the car makes some clicking noises. Im working on getting this repaired but the car runs fine and the mechanic that did the cluth said it would be fine so... Thats up to you here.

Other than that everything works and runs great! This car has it all!

Ill post up pictures when I get home (see sig for a small picture...) Its in excellent condition, A few scratches but Ive got the paint to fix it just dont have the time to do it... (Got it from when i got the car repaird).

I belive I have Sport package but im not sure...

Like i said above im thinking about getting a G35 so im just polling for intrest to see if someones intrested.

Car would come will a full tank of gas! if i do sell it.

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i might be interested if you brought your price down to the private party value. retail is pretty high considering the issues you're mentioning.

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i might be interested if you brought your price down to the private party value. retail is pretty high considering the issues you're mentioning.
The price is a asking price... thats what i would want but illl entertain offers...

issues is a rough word to use there... Since there is really only 1 issue... the rest are all something else (cant think of a word)

First off The car was washed last Wednesday night... So pardon the dust and stuff on it... The car would come freshly washed! lol.
On the hood there is some bird crap... other than that the car looks about what it does in the pictures... (minus dust)

Also note the liscense plate would come blurred... lol...

Index of Pictures

The new headunit and pocket I still have the stock bose one if so desired.

The USB cable that goes to the head unit (black as a flash drive on the end of it...) GPS, USB Drive not included...

Thats what its at right now... Will go up before the sale however Car is running as strong as ever!

Car running no lights are on (fans were on so rpm idle was at 1.4k) You can also see the truck open switch in the bottom left

The carbon fiber trim! (Came with the car)

The Typical wheel on this ride!

Sun/Moon Roof


Exhast if you care to see


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Im the 3rd owner of the car. It looks like from what ive found out by looking stuff up all the owners were Rich Middle class people (lived in Benicia, Berkely area). At least the owner before me was a jiffy lube guy... for at least his oil changes.

I got the car at 82,152 miles or something close to that number. Ive since then brought that up to 95,xxx miles for a 1.25 years worth of driving its about average.

Heres some pictures of the accident.

Just to put it in prescriptive. The lights in the tail light still worked it just cracked the plastic....


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Im not sure if im selling it yet...
Gotta find the funds for the 37 i want (42k lol)

However i dont think its going to happen anytime soon :*(
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