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I got a lot of questions, all information is appreciated you guys can answer any of the questions dont gotta answer all of them (I AM JUST TRYING TO LEARN MORE IM A NOOB I HAVE DUMB QUESTIONS)

1. I have a 2002 g20 and besides switching the auto to a manual why can't this sr20de handle a turbo like the older sr20de's like on the 96(p10) and older models

2. what would be the list of things I would have to do too the stock 2002 sr20de to make it a DET without it exploding

3. can I use any sr20det swap like for example from the s chassis cars or it has to be from the Primera's n Sentras

4. would I be better off getting the 94-96 g20 (p10) and do the manual swap / sr20ve / sr20det swap or its possible with my 2002 (p11)

5. I know I need a manual trans for the VE and DET swaps but what would I need too get for these types of swaps (p10 or p11, 94-02)

if you guys have any advice that would be appreciated as well, Im starting to fall in love with these cars
I KNOW THERES A SEARCH BUTTON but sometimes I can't find exactly what I want to know and idk what it means so go easy on me im trying my best here 😅
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