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When you hold the key to an Infiniti Q50, you’re holding the key to something that’s not only gorgeous but something that promises advanced technology and high levels of performance.

It is, however, important to know that the car is only its best when things line up just right, which doesn’t happen often enough.

That’s the lesson learned after driving the mildly refreshed 2018 Infiniti Q50S Red Sport 400 around Nashville and the surrounding area. The Japanese sport sedan gets a completely restructured trim lineup this year that still tops out with the Red Sport 400 model that we tested. If you don’t want a car with all the brute force of that top-end version (not to mention the price tag associated with it) you can opt for the Pure model, which starts at $35,150 and packs a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Making just 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, buyers can get a bit more equipment by jumping up into the Luxe model.

But these models might be lacking a bit in the oomph department, so you can swap out the four-cylinder for a twin-turbo six-cylinder that makes 300 horsepower. A car with that kind of power needs a bit more style and presence, so buyers can opt for the Sport package, which ups the visual appeal of the vehicle. Blacked-out trim bits and a larger lower intake bring out the Q50’s true intention, which is to be a fun, aggressive sport sedan.
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