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I don't think that is the #2 one built but the 300,002 built

I could be wrong tho
Where do you get this 300,000 number from, the VIN?
You do realize that they didn't even produce that many G20s right?
Infiniti sold less than 180,000 G20s from 1991-2002.
If you are including the entire P chassis globally, then maybe, just maybe they reached 300,000.
The link is to a 1991 P10 and Infiniti sold less than 14,000 G20s that year.
That's a far cry from 300,000.
If the VIN is chronologically recording production then it is very likely the 2nd G20 given a VIN.
Now, being the second off an assembly line and second to receive a VIN are not necessarily going to go hand in hand.
I've wasted too much logic on this, I rest my case.

BTW, cool find.

2,783 Posts
VIN = JNKCP01P0NT300002

J = Manufactured (Japan)
N = Make (Nissan)
K = Manufacturing Division (Infiniti)
C = Engine Code (SR20DE)
P = Chassis (G20)
0 = Model Change (No Change)
1 = Body Type (4 Door Sedan)
P = Features (Passive Restraint System)
0 = Check Digit
N = Model Year (1992)
T = Assembly Plant Code (Oppama, Japan)
300002 = Serial Number / Production Sequence

Assuming the production sequence started with 300001, then the first G20 would have a VIN of JNKCP01P9NT300001.
Now go and find it!
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