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300zx brake swap onto p11. Help needed

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Im trying to find a definitive answer on this. I just picked up a set of calipers. What all are needed to do the swap onto my p11. I have 16" wheels now will these clear.

Whats rotors is needed, how much to machine down. What brake line?
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im under the same dilemma, 16's with the right offset should work. people normally used a stock z32 rotor, drilled to 4x114. rotor diameter was turned down a bit. dont know the exact numbers but there's a few here running these calipers. subscribing

btw, did you rebuild your rotor? you getting it powdercoated?
Depends on if theyre 26mm or 30mm calipers. What kind of wheels are they? It all depends on backpad design whether the wheel will fit or not.
any of you guys rebuilt this thing. my set came in peices but fortunately peices were new oem parts.

nizzan4............ i have the aluminum body caliper, is this a 26mm or 30mm?
Aluminum comes in 26mm and 30mm. Iron calipers are only 30mm. You can measure the distance between both sides of the caliper where the rotors goes to determine which ones you have.
They have a diff fitting so you need custom lines to be safe. Technofit can get em made for you I think.
Not yet familiar with how p chassis lines are but a chassis guys just use steel braided lines for z32. It's the same from hard line to rubber line. The only part that is different is the fitting for the caliper itself.
Alex said the 240sx lines were too long and not safe to use from what i remember.
Sorry to bring an old thread up... But, I've been searching to upgrade my p11 brakes to 300zx calipers and it all states that we can use 300zx rotors machined down to 276mm and drilled to 4x114.3? Well being the mitsu guy I am I know that the galant vr4 shares the same lug pattern and the rotor diameter is 276mm!

As for the hub bore, the mitsu bore is 1mm bigger? I wonder if that 1mm will make a difference?
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