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370cc Injectors with Rail with extra

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I have a sr20 rail with 370cc injectors and also 6 more extra 370cc injectors i had on the side and extra
brand new pintle caps.

Willing to sell all for 120 shipped or 65 shipped for just the rail with the 4 injectors.

Will post pix later tonight. pm or text if interested. 916-267-8174
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You just had to post these..... I'll let you know.
i have 3 people interested so far. So who ever pays first, its theres
I'll take the rail + 4 injectors. PayPal incoming.
rail and 4 injectors sold. still have other 6 injectors and pintle caps for sale
I might be interested in 4 if not all of them. Pm me please
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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