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Okay I bought my car used and it runs fine but I want to get it tuned up, the works..

I was going to take it in and get

New PCV (if needed)
Inspect and/or New Drive Belt
Check front/rear brake system, new front pads
Check all hoses
Check drive axle boots and seals
Rotate Tires
New Air Cleaner,Fuel Filetr
Service Throttle Body
Check Cooling system
Oil Change all that 3k stuff
New Plugs

So what else can guys recommend that I should have done while I am there...

Also where should I take it?

Nissan/Infinti Dealership?

Chevy Dealership (I know I know, but my mom works there and can get me a sweet discount)?

Firestone (cause I have a Firstone card thingie)?



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IMHO: there are a number of these things you can do yourself to save some cash

Do youself:
Oil Change, filter
Air Filter
Check hoses (Find which need replacing)
Plugs, wires, and distributor.
Front pads and maybe rear if your handy

All the others, take it to a place where you feel comfortable with the people doing the work. If you need stuff replaced, you may want to purchase them yourslef is a good place to get deals on OEM parts
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