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91-93 (p10) only, rare....rare......super rare!!!!

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I just got this out of my parts car :) Pretty cool, definitely keeping it!
What year looking for a 96 version.
Mine was a 93. I want a 96 too, ha ha
i belive they stopped doing these in 93, you wont find a 96 FSM....ive looked.
Not so rare, I have 2. but i guess that's what happens when you go through 3 p10s. working on #4 now. Still cool though and super useful.
i didn't know it only fit 91-93. that's why it didn't work in my 95. . .hence the reason i am selling mine. but GLWS!
ummm the pocket will fit...but there isnt any new small FSMs.

i run the same pocket in my may need to pop a hole in your wall carpet, but the provisions to mount it up are there
Yeah I just checked pocket fit my 96 my trunk is gutted so carpet might be blocking a hole.

Anyways price drop 50 shipped
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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