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To the list:

I just bought an Acura Vigor, really sweet - my dau said she needed a car and it was such a good deal I bought it on the spot. So I called her and she said "oh, dad! I just bought a car ..." Anyway I have 2 cars and can only drive one at any given time.

92 G20
replacement tranny. new, lifetime warranty clutch
new front suspension upper and lower links
fresh KYBs all 'round
HD brass radiator
pearl cream w/ tan interior
212K miles
replacement engine (I didn't do it) has 145# compression but burns a little oil and loses a little coolant. Might cure it retorqueing the head.
36 MPG on long trips
fresh upstream O2 sensor
drivers seat a little ratty but not disgusting
never been hit hard
body dings, not an "A" car, but looks good
tainted glass
sound system still good
updated blower resistor works on all speeds
spare engine and lots of parts
full-size spare
good tires all around
drives straight and handles true.

I'd like to get $2500 for this car. WIll take jewelry, old master paintings and prints, first edition books, navajo or oriental rugs in trade.

Buy the car, rebuild the engine in your kitchen and swap 'em out in the spring. If you want. Or if not, this engine will probably go to 300K if you change the oil once in a while. (I change when it looks dirty, every 1500-2000 mi on this car)

ps check out my website



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Dear 92:

Probably you should take a test drive first - stop by Pocatello on your way to Disneyland!

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