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O.k. folks!!! One month from today, on May 24th, 2002, My 93.5 G20 with 60K miles is gonna be the vehicle of choice for a grand 3 week adventure....

Chicago - Winnipeg - Edmonton - Whitehorse - Alaska circle - Vancouver - Seattle - Chicago

All-in-all --- about 10K miles by the time it is all said and done..

Special considerations for the trip I've already made:

- taking 2 spare tires (my old 14" rims with good tires)
- mounting clear plastic headlight covers to prevent damage from stones on the gravel roads
- mounting mud flaps that were just bought
- mounting bright fog lights (I had these from my 90 Celica)
- taking with some basic tools
- I already purchased an extra fuel injector just-in-case
- taking my spare door handles in case one breaks
- I'll be doing an oil change the day before the trip and will use Synthetic for the trip with a Nissan oil filter so I don't have to worry about an oil change mid-trip

How to fit this stuff an luggage? I'll be removing the back seat to accomodate the two wheels/tires.

2 cell phones as well as a laptop will be with us on the trip.. I hope to be able to sign on under way and report on progress here on the board if anyone is interested that is!!!!

Any other good advise on prep is appreciated.. I think we probably are a bit overkill on some of our items BUT..... I doubt Infiniti dealerships run-a-plenty on the great Alaska highway!

BTW: all the proper 60K service was just done to the G20 too... trans flush, new belts, new motor mounts, fuel filter, air filter, A/C recharge, etc. etc.

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HEY !!!! ive been to circle alaska , wouldnt recomend driveing a G20 down that haul road , do your car a favor rent a ford exploder for that leg . by the way if you see a Gold 96 in fairbanks its probably me . wouldnt worry about sanpping door handles off this time of year it dont get below 5 now . snow here is melting pretty good not sure about coldfoot (north of circle).
NO INFINITI DEALERS IN ALASKA!!!!!! only 2 nissan dealers they dont have many sr20de parts
you will need those 2 tires going to circle if you take the G and you will most likely break/crack your windshield in alaska too . ive been here for 3 years and havent broken mine but im very careful out driveing too ....

what else you need to know ?

if you are in fairbanks and have problems i might be able to get you into the garage here on base
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