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I'm officially going to be selling the G20 -- I just don't know how quickly at this point.

Here are the details:

I am the 2nd owner. The 1st owner was local and kept the car garaged and did ALL the required maintenance at the dealer where the car was originally sold (Infiniti dealer). Since I've owned the car (January, 2002).. it has continued to be maintained by an 11 year experienced Infiniti Master tech of the same dealership. There is no rust on the car.

When I purchased the car, it was a bone stock car with 56K miles on it. I've done the following to it since owning it:

- New Factory Rear Brakes (including rotors)
- New factory header pipe (downpipe from manifold to cat.)
- 3 oil changes (currently synthetic in place w/factory filter)
- trans flush and fill with Infiniti machine to do full flush
- 60K service (all the stuff you need for this)
- Replaced rear wheel bearing (factory part)
- Replaced wiper motor arm part (factory item)
- Replaced #3 fuel injector (#1 and #4 were already replaced)
- replaced cat-back exhaust (factory exhaust)
- replaced rear antenna (factory part to replace broken one)
- A/C recharged (cranks ICE COLD now)
- replaced motor mounts (old ones broken)
- replaced alternator w/factory one w/1yr 12K mile warranty 7/11/02

I've also done the following EXTRA mods to the car:

- Primera front grill
- 99 P11 15" wheels with NEW tires
- Kenwood detachable face CD (fantastic compared to stock)
- factory owners manual and case purchased
- replaced black door handles with chrome ones from a 96 p10
- added fog lamps (high intensity) utilizing factory fog light switch
- custom grill/mesh work around fog lights, behind grill and lower front bumper

The price for ALL of the above is $6500

If you don't want the EXTRA mods (15" wheels, Kenwood CD, primera grill, etc.) Then the price is $5500

The car now has close to 73K on it. It is automatic with the factory sunroof. The car is in great condition with a very clean interior. It is Pearl White Metallic with tan (cloth interior). There are no rips or stains or other obvious show of wear on the inside and it was obviously very well cared for before me. I've been pretty adamant about keeping it looking like new too. The outside is also in very good condition with some show of wear due to age (no obvious door dings that I could find but some areas that were touched up from chips and some small dings from rocks etc in the hood <-- had to mention because I am meticulous).

Here is a link to some of the photos I've collected:

I am NOT interested in parting the stuff off the car right now but will let you know if/when I am!!!!

FOR the right serious buyer, I will work in delivery (I'd drive to you if you don't want to drive it home).. just talk to me to work out the details...

thanks all!!!

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o.k. here goes...

if someone wants to give me $6000 CASH, I won't say no -- to take the car as is with the goodies that are on it right now (upgraded wheels, Kenwood system, fog lights) AND I'll even throw in the 14" wheels I planned on using for winter tires if the new owner is interested!!!! + Even a full sized spare!


The car needs nothing but a new owner to drive her away... I already put all the $$ into making the car 100% for what I believe to be a really long time now!!!!

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It should read 4 oil changes : the most recent 2 were synthetic the recent one on July 12, 2002.

...also, the mileage is still officially below 73K... something like 72,697 or close to that the last time I checked....

I've been taking the train to work lately so it has been sitting for a full week parked (egad!)
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