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Yep I gotta let her go, I bought an S14 and its going DET so I need the money.


93.5 G20 Sport Package 179000 km's
Manual VLSD (NX2000 Gearbox)
Midnight Blue
Clarion Head with amps (AM/FM Cassette stock setup w/tweeters)
Power doors, windows, roof
A/C, cruise control
ABS, Airbags
Factory alarm and all the other standard goodies.


Homemade CAI (resembles AEM)
NX2000 Gearbox w/VLSD
Pacesetter short shifter
Advanced timing to 17
Front strut tower bar
Custom brush aluminum dash finish
Xenon everything


Engine Rebuilt - July 2001
Clutch - July 2001
Speed sensor - July 2001
Front brake pads - August 2001
Tranny - November 2001
Passenger side ball joint - February 2002
Both driveshafts - February 2002
Windshield washer motor - February 2002
Rear brake pads - March 2002
Oil changed every 4500 km's w/Nissan OEM filter


Smal muffler pipe between the the muffler itself and the extension pipe

If your interested reply by Email @ [email protected]. I'm asking 4000$ CAD for the car, I'll take some pics tomorrow ;)
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