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93 p10 5spd lsd fs $1500

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I'm selling my p10 delivered for $1500 and a one way ticket to the closest airport to PA. its a 93 dark blue metallic manual trans. tan leather but black dash and grey carpet. 245k chasis miles 120k engine miles. it has amr coilovers. i upgraded it to an LSD 5 speed to fix 5th gear pop out. p11 mesh rims with shitty falken tires, still have some tread but falken quality SUX compared to the last set i owned i hate falken tires now. has an after market cheap CD player, needs better speakers. has a sunroof that leaked but i fixed it with a worm screw clamp to hold the drain hose in place. it had a DET in it when i bought it(i will include the det pieces if you are interested if you pay 100% of asking price, its a torn down block with a bad rod and crank, head is 100% complete. stock bluebird det ecu, purple injectors, no turbo) it had a spun bearing, i towed it home and swapped in a stock highport from a 92 that i used to own. i have owned the engine since it was 50k miles, no service records to show but i did the oil changes myself with purolator filters and castrol oil. previous owner reupholstered driver seat and its softer than my 2011 toyota sienna seats. i replaced the entire exhaust from header to tailpipe when i swapped the engine in. it has p11 front brake upgrade to bigger rotors. i have stainless brake lines i can include. has loco motor mounts and a p11 crossmember upgrade.

the good:
nice paint for a 20 year old
soft driver seat with no tears
shifts smooth no 5th pop out
lsd trans and high port engine
30+ mpg when driven reasonably
p11 crossmember
exhaust has less than 5000 miles
the car has only been in the north east for 6-7 years and i have not driven it during the winter, as rust free as a 20 year old p10 gets.

the bad stuff:
bumper cut for fmic
speedometer currently not working but i will replace the speed sensor before i sell(not a priority for me since i am currently not driving the p10.)
needs speakers fronts work ok but they buzz with bass frequencies
dent in driver side fender
driver side corner has broken clip
hood has paint chips and surface rust in corner above pass side headlight.
passenger seat has torn seam
no egr so emissions could be an issue, the solenoid and everything is there but its missing the tube from the header to the solenoid since it didnt fit the header i bought.
has vibration from loco motor mounts, alot of vibration.
currently no ac, the lines are still there under the hood but i removed the bracket, pulley and condensor since i dont use ac.

i cant deliver until january since im out of vacation time for the year. you can pick it up for less and ill pick you up at the airport. motivated to sell because i need a divorce lawyer to get rid of my wife.

pictures are in the build/progress thread whatever you want to call it here:

i can take more pics this weekend, its covered in 8 inches of snow atm, since i was working on my p11 during the last snow storm. the p10 normally sits in the garage.

im not negotiating on the price unless i remove the coilovers and lsd trans and put the stock 240k mile suspension and 5th popout trans back in, i dont want to do the work nor do i have the time.

pm me if you want to ask questions ill give you my Cell #[/QUOTE]
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motivated to sell because i need a divorce lawyer to get rid of my wife.
OUCH !!! :( gluck with the sale ...sounds like someone is going to get a very nice p10!
divorce has been a long time coming, i am just recently ready to admit it, maybe im a glass half full kinda guy but i kinda hoped things might improve over time. this car may have contributed to the issues.

if you dont want it delivered, i can adjust the price and pick you up at whatever airport. i can make whatever arrangements necessary.
^ sounds a small tidbit like my 1st marriage where my Porsche purchase contributed to that divorce (never mind that I made it clear before we got married I would be buying it with my own savings before saying yes to his marriage proposal in the 1st place) <-- in divorce court he told me he made the mistake of thinking I would 'grow up' and grow out of my car craziness. ..and then he went on to say how it was clear I was unwilling to put my childish dreams behind.. yadda yadda..... no regrets ending that 1st marriage AT ALL!
^^people change all the time but its foolish to think you can make someone change. unfortunately my wife definately changed (for the worse in my opinion) and i was the fool for thinking i could prevent her from becoming her mother. should have listened to the friend who told me not to marry a girl if i wouldnt be able to make it through a date with her mother...

back on topic: tomas1684 clear your inbox or post here, i cant reply to your pm. i might be willing to trade mounts with you but time to do the work could be an issue i have alot of shit going on that is going to consume all of my free time for the next couple months.
Hmm only thing bothering me is the egr and speed sensor
speed sensor i will replace at full price it will cost me about $100 do to it. the egr is a non issue if you are a non emissions area. it runs 100% fine without it, it passed 2 visual inspections in my area without the egr =-) but i doubt it would pass a sniffer since it runs rich at idle when cold. it has no egr tube and no cold idle circuit.
NJ has a sniffer
Do u have any inside pics and pics of any rust
I will definitely buy if I can get the money before someone grabs this
curt run the resistor it will hide the egr code
It's not going to hide the emissions lol
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