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A seat-of-the-pants comparision

My brother and I swapped cars for a day for some comparison testing. I have a 95 G20t w/ 75k and he has a 95 Acura Integra GSR 4 door.

One of my first impressions is the GSR drives like it is MUCH lighter (300-400 lbs.) when, in fact, it is only about 100 lbs. lighter. All the controls have a lighter feel to them, like they are lubricated with 0W-30 oil vs. the G20 feeling like they are lbricated with 20W-50. One is not better than the other, just a different feel.

The G is much more comfortable for me at 6'2". Getting in and out of the seat that is probably 4" higher off the ground is much easier. However, the GSR has a couple inches more headroom as the sunroof goes OUTSIDE the car instead of inside.

The G has a little more low end pep, GSR just rockets off above 6000 rpm (redlines at 8000). This difference makes the G a little more streetable in its power curve.

I like the power window controls on the door better in the GSR than buried on the center console.

I like the short shift throws on the GSR.

The G stereo blows away the Acura "radio"

The Touring buckets grab and cuddle you in the G much better than the econo-car seats of the GSR.

Overall, the GSR seems tuned like your typical Japanese sport sedan where the G is a fantastic copy of a German tuned sedan. Slap a few badges on a G and it would LOOK and DRIVE like a BMW. The GSR says "HANG - ON!!!, I'm going to take you for a drive" where the G says "Please fasten your seat belt, LET'S go for a drive".
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