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thanks for looking

Trying to guage interest in my G, so here goes :naughty:


-1995 auto, 83,xxx orig miles
-black exterior, grey cloth interior
-non-lsd, non sunroof, bone stock
-located in north jersey

the good:
-relatively low miles
-engine still strong, no leaks from bottom end, no oil consumption
-mechanically reliable (only thing that malfunctioned was the starter; replaced)
-everything works (lights, gadgets, cruise, A/C, etc)

the bad:
-exterior isn't pretty (dents in r. door, fender, and scratch in other rear door)
-auto tranny shifts hard sometimes (mostly first to second)
been doing this for a while, and it hasn't gotten progressively worse
-some minor wear n tear

2,000 or best offer.

This is my work+school car, and I already bought another that suites me better. The reason I'm selling is mainly because its an auto, and because I bought it in a pinch. Some drunk d-bag had totalled my golf, and I needed a car to get to/from school right away. Something reliable, but also something I wouldnt be afraid to park in a shitty neighborhood. And thats what this G is. Its still got plenty of life left in it...still rips, and the handling is, well, if you own one you know what I'm talking about. Im looking to sell it by the end of the year, so lets see what happens. :geek:
Feel free to PM for details.
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