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'95 P10 Auto Trans - Leaking from between engine/trans. Random nut in fluid pan

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Hello folks. Posted this on the SR20 forums and got no replies so thinking I might post it here and test my luck. Just picked up a '95 P10 for $600 because the previous owner said it had a major transmission leak and they did't want to mess with it. Car wouldn't move when I went to pick it up, no fluid showing on the dipstick. Got it home, drained the fluid (which only filled a 10 quart drain pan 1/3 of the way...) and replaced the filter/gasket. There were some shavings in the pan but the car has 267k miles so I assume they were from normal wear. The odd thing though was a random 10mm nut/washer in the pan that had been sucked up by the magnets. I couldn't find where they went to so I put everything back together with a new filter and gasket and filled her up.

The car did go into gear, and I went through the proper procedure for when you replace the fluid. Took it for a drive around the block but when I got back home I found that it was still leaking quite heavily from between the engine and transmission. I have been told it could be the oil pump seal on the transmission. Sound correct?

Here's the nut/washer, any idea on this? (sorry about quality, tablet camera sucks)

The car:

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I hope you get it figured out, most SE-Rs come with manual so auto experience is not as numerous as it will be with G20 owners.

Keepin' my eyes on this one, and your car!
It'll be getting a 5-speed conversion shortly, but just trying to get it back on the road at the moment as I have been without a car for almost a year.

Thinking the nut/washer are not that important since it drives. :cool:
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