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I recently purchased a used 99 G20 with only 58,000 kms on it (approx 40 K miles). I was in an accident - I rear ended a guy - but not too serious - front end damage on my car - but air bags did not deploy and I was able to drive it home....

So after it gets back from the autobody shop (about three weeks later) .... the "Service Engine Soon" lights pops on....a call to the dealership gets me the advice that "it is probably nothing serious, an 02 sensor, or low grade gas or around for a while and if the light does not go off...come and see us. "

Anyway, a couple of days later, a start hearing this loud knocking noise coming from the rear of the car (seemed near the gas tank) whenever I turn the key to the ACC mode and when I started the car the RPMs started to fluctuate, but did not stall.

A trip to the dealership then revealed 17 diagnostic errors when they put the car on the computer:depressed ! Needless to say I was alarmed and they started giving me all this crap about the warranty not covering it if was due to the accident, blah, blah, blah....

The next day, after I was sufficiently perturbed, I got a call back saying that they had re-set the computer on the car and took it for a road test and everything now is peachy .... the Engine light did not re-appear. Voila!! No more 17 diagnostic errors. They want me to come pick up the car and take it home.

Question: Is my car ^%*&%ed up or is my computer ^%$&^$ed up? Has anybody run into this before? Is it worth trusting the dealership that nothing is wrong?

Sorry for the lenght of the post - any replies would be appreciated.

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