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99 g20t engine and trans swap question

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Hi all,

My 99 g20t automatic trans is going pretty bad recently. It is time for me to look for a swap one before it broke down in a middle of a street. I called many junk yards around my area and they don't have the g20t trans. I read a thread about putting the g20 trans into g20t and don't want to go that route. So, I have a few questions about the trans and engine of my car. I heard that my engine is some sort the same as the Nissan Sendra. Here is my questions.

VIN = JNKCP11A4XT007076

1) can I put the Nissan sentra engine and trans into mine?
2) if so what year of Nissan Sendra that fit my car model?
3) if the engine is the same, is that mean the trans the same as well?
4) can I mix up between engine and trans for my car with Nissan Sendra?
5) any other part that need to be modified if I put Nissan Sendra engine or trans into mine?

Please let me know. I really appreciate your feedback. Happy new year to you and your family.

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99 a/t? You need a 99 a/t then. 16bit ECU and TCU don't allow for easy installation of 00+ a/t
You probably have an RE4F03V (V-standing or Viscous LSD) automatic transmission if you have a touring model, I'm not sure which other Nissans came with it, but you can research that trans model and go from there. The differences between non-lsd and lsd transmission operation aren't too extreme but the lsd versions have different needs as far as axles and computer - which is why staying with the RE4F03V would be more cost friendly to you. Most of the inconsistencies between chassis models is the issue of OBD1 vs. OBD2 - OBD1 uses mechanical pressure to shift gears whilst OBD2 uses electronic management.

P11 transmissions all have top mount transmission cases, so older transmissions do not fit without major modification to the transmission casing. You cannot use Nissan Sentra transmission unless they are the SR20 - B15 transmissions with top mount - then you would need to match the TCU for proper operation - even then I don not know the details on making that work, I believe the ECU in the B15 is much different than the 99 P11. As far as staying automatic I would probably stay with the same model it is too much work to try and swap a different model - because so much technology is involved. As for 5spd manual - you can use a P11 transmission or b15 base tranny. Just needs to have top mount design as stated. Cannot use P10, B13, or B14 transmissions. Good luck.

Here is a thread created for me by my friend Chris Lam - he is the automatic tranny guru, these are all the models from which Nissan mated to the SR20 cars.

EDIT: Bolded are things to keep in mind when talking to people about transmissions and such, I just want you to have a better understanding of the differences because I would have been grateful if someone took the time to explain to me. You should know these things because they are important and can save you a lot of heartache and cash lol
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I got the auto tranny n ecu 99 g20t but im in cali

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Thanks g20tyler for a wonderful explanation. It really helps me to know what I am dealing with. I really really appreciate that. My car is a touring model one with LSD tranny. I am going to keep calling further outside of my areas to see any luck with the swap tranny. However, I still want to know about Nissan Sendra detail information because I can find them. Hopefully someone did the different models swap. Otherwise, I will stay with same model and keep looking.

ChaiThao, I hope we are closer :)
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