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99 g20t part out

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I wrecked my 99 g20t a few weeks ago and it is not getting parted out. It is Red(ar2) with the sport cloth interior.

What is not for sale, currently: Engine, transmission, clutch, header and secondary, ecu
This is just because I do not know what my next car will be and I want to keep this stuff handy, just in case.

As a whole, the car was in great shape. The front right of the car is damaged pretty bad, but never bent the frame and the steering and suspension is true.

Has a set of AMR coilovers with offset top hats installed. Not a VRS exhaust. Previous owner told me that. Clearly not, But in great shape otherwise. Pics will be up shortly, 2.5" exhaust with 18"resonator, high flow cat, and dynomax vt muffler. Quiet as hell, and flowed great at *** without the ricey sound from a fart can.

Place racing 3" CAI, red in color w/k&n air filter, perfect clearance in the wheel well.

VE Maf with adapter plate.

Spare clutch setup: JWT pressure plate, used in good condition. B15 PP, new. Findanza 108t flywheel, Used, needs new friction plate.

All of the interior is in great shape. No dash cracks, seats not torn, all interior lights work, climate control works, radio perfect, speakers in good shape. Sunroof does not
leak, operates perfect. OEM infiniti black floor mats, clean. Carpet it trashed.

I will ship anything you are willing to pay to be shipped, to anywhere.

The car is still in one piece currently, and I will be disassembling as parts are sold. I am very busy with work and school, just bear with me.

Price:whole car, 1000- minus what is stated above.

Make me offers on any parts you want.

text is the quickest way to get a hold of me as I am often working on my cars.


If you text me, tell me your handle, part you want, and an offer. I will reply with a pic and we can negotiate from there.

I will not pay for shipping, but I will eat the paypal fees.\

UPDATE 9/15/13
Wings west front lip, deposit made buyer scheduling pick up date.
32v original trans from my p11 up for sale now. Shifts perfect. zero popout. I've never launched this trans. $300.
Calum obd2 RT V1 ecu & Innovate lc1. $350.
Seats, door panel and center console, deposit made buyer scheduling pick up date
Front and rear poly mounts pending, deposit made buyer scheduling pick up date
Wiring harness SOLD
Hydro clutch setup SOLD
Floor mats SOLD
Exhaust SOLD
AMR coilovers SOLD.
Wheels SOLD
Megan racing strut bar SOLD

Lower lock ring is from ksport, due to OG lock ring seizing on the shock.

I almost forgot about my wings west lip.
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texted... interested in floormats too if you can post pics
This man is getting bombarded LoL
gnet vultures :)
This man is getting bombarded LoL
gnet vultures :)
Lol you know your texting him as well.. lol
Lol you know your texting him as well.. lol
Yes, including me LoL
Hey, thanks for blowing up my phone guys. If I missed your text or havnt replied back yet, please let me know. I had like 8 people texting me at the same time within 10min of posting this.
PM sent, but I'll get in on the text party too!
Looks like grille is broke but what emblem is on it... Nissan or infiniti? If Nissan ill take it...
Also, will u sell just the side mirror bases? I can send 02 bases back... they will function the same but I need 99 bases for so Pfm's I have...
Yep, nissan emblem. I'll get a better pic of it for you.
00 G20t. Shoot me a text. Shipping is a bear but we can talk about meeting up if you are available too. D.C. is a 2.5 hr drive for me.
Crossmember and front engine bracket to motor mount?
Shoot me a pm or text.
Daily bump, parts added. More parts being added soon.
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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