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99 g20t supposed to have fog lights?

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I picked up a 99 G20t over the summer and after researching my car I think I'm supposed to have fog lights. Did the Touring model come with fog lights as a standard option?
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yes it did. Are you positive you have a T model?
Yeah it has the "T" badge, Touring headrests, etc.
Even if it isn't a T model, the fog light wiring is still there. Does it have the fog light switch on the turn signal stalk? A true T would have that in addition to the LSD transmission and aero kit with rear wing.
do you have covers in place of the fogs? or is it open?
It's open where the fogs are and I might have a switch on the stalk for the lights. I do have the wing
if your car has no turbo then its not a t sorry. most likely a base.
&^^^ ha lou being funny
if your car has no turbo then its not a t sorry. most likely a base.
Sorry, but turbo has never been an oem option in the USDM. But it is a popular aftermarket addition to any G20. T stands for Touring package.
lol'er socks

Sounds like someone removed your fog lights and wing. Or added head rests and a T badge. Too bad they didnt add a turbo either.
only one thing really matters if it's a T model. Check your tranny. You can check if it was originally a t model by punching in your vin into FAST or some online parts store.
Guess I'm being too serious. That is funny though and I get that question a lot concerning the T on both of my g20t's. Now back to the topic.
I ended up finding my cars original window sticker in my glove box. It is a real Touring model.
where in pa are you?
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