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99 p11. crank sensor and knock sensor.. runs like complete [email protected] need help

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Hey what's up guys .. I just drove my friends p11 and realized how bad my car is running..
I have two code for Crank and knock sensor...
Would does two codes make my car run like [email protected]?
Or should I be looking somewhere else?!
The car seems like it chokes and it has no power at all..
I just put new spark plugs, distributor cap and spark plug wires.. Nothing change at all..I disconnected the air flow sensor while it was idling and it wouldn't rev past 2500 rpms. So I know it not the problem. I know the car didnt have the crank sensor before I bought it. And the guy I got it from from say it was running would the knock sensor make the car run like crap??
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The car idles perfect. It seems like it runs a bit better when I have the battery disconnected for few min.
I also did the timing cause it was like at 12 or 13 digress. . I Got it up to abt.16-17 right now.
me along with a few others are running fine non issues with a missing crank position sensor, id look into the knock sensor
Ok koo. Ill try to change it tomorrow. . Would the timing affect the power to the point of lossing power?
yeah. if the timing is to retarted it will bog down.

a bad sensor can make the comp keep the a/f to lean.
Ok koo. Man thanx. Ill check it out tomorrow and see what happens
Sup. Guys.. good news. I swap the knock sensor with one that I got from the junk yard. And now the car runs much better!!!!!. I still get some hesitation after 5000. Seems like don't wanna to to red line..
I think it the ignition timing.
I set the timing with those instructions. But I don't know how to tell if the ecu ready to accept the changes. . I know the car idles a bit higher when I disconnected the tps..
Would that be an indication of the computer its ready for the changes? Intrusions say to warm the car to normal temp. Then rev the car over 3000 rpms 3 times, after that disconnect the tps .. after I rev 3 times nothing happen. Does that cel has to come on? Or anything? The idle goes to 1200 rpms when I disconnect the tps ..its that the way it neee to be done?
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