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$850 - OBO.

I just retired my older g20, figure I won't need a second 5 speed gearbox. They are both missing a gear

I need to replace the pressure plate on my current g20 so I don't care which gearbox gets sold, one is out already and the other's coming off. Both work great. The '00-02 P11 box off my retired g20 is from Andreas. It arrived with a small crack in the bell housing and stripped gears. The crack was welded properly, by a professional, the case was heated properly for welding. Andreas sent a new gear stack and mating ring gear. I ran this transmission with my VE for a few years with no problems. I do think it feels a bit shorter than my '99 P11 gearbox. Not sure if Andreas sent me a B15 stack or P11 stack. The LSD is still very strong.

The stock '99 transmission on my current g20 also works very well. The LSD feels a little weaker than the '00-02 I have (maybe because there's no VE pushing it), but the gear ratio is a little taller and first feels usable. Shifts solid, worked very well driving from Pennsylvania back to Michigan and been great around town.

LIke I said, I'm fine with either one. I like strong VLSD but I like the taller box with better milage. Can't decide. Can't say the '99 box has weak VLSD since I haven't driven it in winter yet, and I don't have the stock HP to break my 205's loose with a g20 without molesting my new g. The most I could say is the '00-02 VLSD seemed to work a little faster.

I ship on a lightweight pallet and know how to ship a transmission. For $850, shipping is included, if you want to haggle we'll negotiate shipping.

Slave cylinder and sensors are negotiable, ask. I have B15 and P11 LSD axles as well. Both strong and no boot tears. Just re-greased and booted the P11 with Infinity boots and rings.
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